Emu Tiny Compile for MAME

Emu Tiny Compile

What is Emu Tiny Compile?

Emu Tiny Compile is an utility that, from the executable and the source code of a build of MAME, create new source code. If you overwrite the old source code with the new one and compile it, a MAME executable without some games will be create. The games can be Not Working, CHD and/or Clones. This is useful if you want to delete this games from your har disk with a rom manager, like ClrMame.


November 7 2005
Emu Tiny Compile does not work with the newest MAME versions.
Wait for the next release, I'll be back soon ;-)

August 20 2005
Version 1.1.1:
-Updated depend.txt
-Fixed CHD removing
-Fixed other minor bugs

Now Emu Tiny Compile works with Mame 0.98u2 and subsequent versions.

June 17 2005
Site changes: reduced the size of the installer package.

June 04 2005
Version 1.1.0 - Emu Tiny Compile can remove all clones except a working clone of the not working parents.